Binocular Vision Exams

What is this clinic?

The Binocular Vision clinic (or BV Clinic) specializes in Binocularity, which is how your two eyes work together. Patients suffering with binocular vision problems will find that basic activities such as reading, working at a computer, or playing sports can be affected. Some conditions such as strabismus ("crossed-eye") and amblyopia ("lazy eye") often can be improved with vision training exercises to build proper eye muscle coordination.


How do I know if this clinic is right for me?

Patients with conditions such as strabismus ("crossed-eye") and amblyopia ("lazy eye") should be seen in this clinic. This clinic is great for children who seem to have good vision, but are still having trouble reading or at school. Basic perceptual skills problems, which may be diagnosed in this clinic, may be interfering with a child's progress scholastically.

  • Binocular Vision Exams
  • Binocular Vision Exams
  • Binocular Vision Exams
  • Binocular Vision Exams
  • Binocular Vision Exams

What services do you offer?

The Binocular Vision Clinic provides a wide variety of specialized tests, including the initial 2-part BV Evaluation, Vision Training sessions, and Perceptual Skills Assessments. Most appointments are very thorough, and can last several weeks and span multiple appointments.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Appointments can be made in person or by calling (510) 642-2020.

When are appointments available?

Appointments are available Tuesday through Saturday. Please call for appointment times. If you or the patient has never been seen at any of our clinics before, we suggest setting up a comprehensive eye exam in our Primary Care clinic before going into BV, unless you are being referred to us by a specialist.

Binocular Vision Exams


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