University Eye CenterWe strive to keep our fees as low as possible. Accordingly, professional and material fees must be paid at the time services are provided or prescriptions are ordered. The prices below reflect costs for cash paying patients with no insurance coverage. Please visit us or call (510) 642-2020 for complete information on fees and insurance.

*We also accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards, as well as Flex Spending/Health Savings Account cards.


Meredith W. Morgan Eye Center Fees:

Comprehensive Eye Exams: $114
Contact Lens Exams: Start at $143 *(Comprehensive Eye Exam Fee, plus the cost of the Evaluation/Fitting)
Contact Evaluations/Fittings: Range From $32-$750
Infant/Pediatric Exams: $148
BV Evaluation: $435 *(Covers 2 Appointments)
Low Vision: $355
SVAC Evaluation: Starts At $234 / VEP $175
Vision Functions Testing: Starting At $175
Ophthalmology Consultation: Start At $125 *(plus the cost of additional treatments. Treatment prices vary)
Emergency/Urgent Care Visits: Start At $125 *(Not including tests/procedures) Note: After hours Emergency visits will have additional fees that may not be reimbursed by your insurance.


Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Blue Shield

Medical Eye Services (MES)
March Vision
Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

UC Care


Single Vision Lenses: Start at $95
Bifocal Lenses: Start at $140
Trifocal Lenses: Start at $160
Progressive Lenses: Start at $210
*Frame Prices Vary

Cal Alumni Association Benefits:

Alumni with annual or life membership in the California Alumni Association receive special vision benefits through our 20/20 Plan. *This list does not represent all fees. Please visit us or call (510) 642-2020 for complete information.