Starting January 1st 2016, patient parking at our clinic will require a nominal fee.

Patient Patient parking will now come in two options:

  1. Parking spaces around Minor will now cost $3 for up to 3 hours.
  2. Parking at our spaces in the Maxwell Parking Structure will cost $2 for up to 3 hours.

1. Parking Around Minor Hall Addition

Per the UC Berkeley Parking and Transportation Office, the first option - parking around Minor - will require a new type of parking pass and will require a $3 payment at our front desk. Obtain a pass from our parking attendant as you normally would and park alongside our building - Minor Hall Addition - in any of our designated OPT spaces. Detach the bottom perforated portion of the new pass and present it at our Patient Services front desk for payment upon check-in. The matching top portion remains in the vehicle, clearly displayed on your dashboard. Parking permits will only be valid after payment. A valid parking permit must be displayed in your vehicle at all times while visiting the Meredith W. Morgan Eye Center.

If the parking attendant is unavailable, patient parking permits can be obtained from our Patient Services staff at our front desk.

2. Parking in the Maxwell Parking Structure

In addition to our parking around our building, we now have 10 spaces in the new Maxwell parking structure by Memorial stadium. Nestled adjacent to Memorial Stadium (at the corner of Gayley and Stadium Rim Way) the Maxwell parking structure is located at 2175 Gayley Road in Berkeley. Validation can be purchased at our front desk for $2.00 at check-out and is good for up to 3 hours worth of parking. (Parking rates without validation start at $3.00 per hour.) Upon entry to the Maxwell Garage, collect the white entry card and park in one of our reserved spaces. Spaces are located on the ground floor, in the NE corner.

After your visit or at check out, present you white entry card to our patient services staff to purchase validation. Validation costs $2.00 and is good for up to 3 hours worth of parking. When returning to your vehicle, find a parking payment kiosk and insert the white entry card first. Once your card has been read and accepted, insert the validation ticket. Parking under 3 hours will require no additional cost. Use your new validated card to exit the garage.

For questions about our new parking process, please contact us at (510) 642-2020.

For questions about the Maxwell garage, please contact City Park 325 5th Street, San Francisco, California 94107, (415) 495-3909.

For questions about UC Berkeley parking and transportation policies, please call the Parking and Transportation Office at (510) 643-7701.


**UC Berkeley Optometry and the Meredith W. Morgan University Eye Center are not responsible for any lost validation cards, theft, damage to vehicles or contents, or citations received from parking in incorrect spaces while visiting our clinic.**